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1930s: Intertitle "A wampum belt, given to William Penn by the Indians in commemoration of treaties made with them". A beaded wampum belt is unfolded. 1930s: Intertitle "The quills were pressed flat, colored with dyes made from berries, roots and herbs and woven into designs". Quill designs on leather piece. 1930s: Woman displays elaborately stitched buckskin bag with fringed strap. Close-up of detail of stitching design on bag. 1930s: Woman's arm shows off hammered silver bracelet and ring inlaid with stones. Woman picks up elaborate silver Navajo necklace. 1930s: Woman kneels at outdoor loom and weaves Navajo blanket. Blanket on loom/ 1930s: Intertitle "Ancient methods survive in the hand carding or combing of the wool and the use of the hand and distaff in spinning yarn". Woman cards and combs wool. 1930s: Intertitle "The making of Navajo blankets is another living art of the Southwest. The wool is grown by the Navajos themselves". Woman walks outside and kneels on the ground. 1930s: Women use sticks to push ashes away and remove baked pottery from fire. 1930s: Women sitting outside apply precise designs and patterns on clay pots. 1930s: Women sit outside building and forming clay bowls. 1930s: Women sit outside building and forming clay bowls. 1930s: Intertitle "After breaking the rough clay, and mixing it with water, the artist rolls it into a coil and begins to build up the vessel". Women build and smooth clay. 1930s: Intertitle "This...bowl was broken when its owner died [and] buried with him...".  Bowl with hole. Intertitle no potter wheel and yet proportioned and flawless. Painted bowl. 1930s: Clay beads on a backing board. Intertitle "For centuries the Indians of the Southwest have been artists in the creation of pottery". Painted bowl is displayed. 1930s: Woven basket large enough to hold a person is held up and shown. 1930s: Woman turns basket over in hands. Intertitle "Some fine examples of coiled basketry. The first is very old and was used in burial ceremonies".  Woven baskets in elaborate designs. 1930s: Intertitle "Exquisite handiwork and the use of symbolic design are revealed in Indian basketry. The making of a coiled basket". 1930s: UNITED STATES: sunken ship raised to surface by pontoons filled with air. Men on submarine. Men on boat make repairs to submarine 1930s: UNITED STATES: man sets up pumps on surface of water. Air pumped into pontoons. Air on surface of water. Sunken ship rises to surface of water. 1930s: UNITED STATES: diver under water in suit. Diver uses electric torch under water. 1930s: UNITED STATES: diver uses electric torch. Torch in hands. Diver in old fashioned dive suit. Diver under water
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