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1940s: Boy pets and hugs dog. Puppet talks on telephone lines and waves. Puppet skates along telephone wires. 1940s: People walk along demolished boardwalk in aftermath of 1944 hurricane; flooded streets and devastation of buildings. 1900s: Busy city street.  People ride elephants.  Man cooks.  Men pull rickshaws.  People talk. 1950s: Two cars parked on side of mountain pass road. Forested valley with lake or river below. Driving around bend. Driving down forested road. 1940s: A boy reads aloud from a book. He follows along in the book with his finger. A librarian checks a book out for a student. She stands to help some other students. 1950s: Mist, hills, road to house. Shrub field under cloudy sky. Rainfall on shrubs, tree trunk. Cows graze in field, cloudy sky. Bubbling water under branch and leaves. Stream rushes. Wide river. 1970s: 3 kids run towards crossing guard. Crossing guard woman smiles and talks. Crossing guard woman holds up 3 fingers with ring on middle finger. Crossing guard woman winks. 1950s CANADA: fish in net. Man hauls in lobster pot. Man removes lobsters from fishing pot. Lobsters in tank 1960s: BRITISH COLUMBIA: CANADA: man sets up rod on boat. Man sets up line on rod. Man attaches float and fly to rod from box. 1940s: Man walking by car, pan to mountains. High angle pan of mountains, houses. 1940s: Flames superimposed over end credit. Opening titles. Close up, hand writing on paper, zoom out to man. 1940s: UNITED STATES: boxes outside greengrocers. Man alters display outside shop. Greengrocers store. Girl outside shop. 1930s: CHILE: cattle in field. Vineyards. Man walks though field. 1930s: Hen and chicks forage for food in field. UNITED STATES 1970s - Man in truck rolls down windows and talks to checkpoint official. Man completing physical endurance test. UNITED STATES 1970s: Naval officers discuss analysis as another naval officer at the weather central observes the computer data. 1940s: A man sits at a dinner table with his arms around a boy and a girl. They smile and talk. 1960s: Person shades in drawing on paper, adds additional lines as detail. 1940s: Beach-goers wade into Atlantic ocean; long view of swimmers along beach. 1900s: People perform exercises on sports field.  Dignitaries get into cars.  Military parade. 1950s: Waterfalls over cliff and into river. Boat crosses river.
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