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1950s: High angle, Soviet soldiers marching. Panning shots of soldiers. High angle of soldiers marching. UNITED STATES: 1960s: lady delivers baby UNITED STATES: 1960s: men talk at desk in office. Man sits at desk with colleague. Men argue in office. 1950s: Fist moves. Another hand holds fist. Doctors and nurses in scrubs in operating room. Historical building with bare trees around it. 1960s: Two men inside machine shop talk. One man hands the other piece of paper. Man turns off machine and leaves. 1950s: EUROPE: distortion of molecular charge. Net separation of charge inside bottle. Hand draws on paper 1940s: Hand opens oxygen tank valve, pencil points to regulator which goes up. Intertitle. Hand takes a working pressure key. Hand screws key into regulator, pencil points to regulator which goes up. 1940s: Views of statue. 1940s: UNITED STATES: man walks across field after rain. Water erosion in field. Man and woman walk across fields 1950s: Box of watercolor paints, hand picks up brush, dips brush in water, wipes off brush, sets brush down, picks up tube of paint, unscrews cap. 1950s: Pile of lumber.  Mountain.  Sea.  Kids ski down hill. 1930s: Driving downhill on gravel road, fence and train tracks. Driving under small overpass. Driving up hill. Driving across countryside. Driving across large toll bridge. 1960s:  EUROPE: ENGLAND: Visit to Cornwall. Sign for Penzance. Lands End sign. Rocks in sea. Coastal weathering. 1960s: UNITED STATES: interior of cabin during launch. Flames behind rocket during launch. 1960s: Ship spins in space. 1930s: Moth laying eggs. Intertitle explains eggs hatch and the first 2 days of caterpillar's life, it eats nearly 2x its own weight in food. Its food is the mulberry tree. 1930s: UNITED STATES: Moths and butterflies in the garden. Butterflies on flowers in garden. Asiatic Swallow Butterfly. Moth on leaf. Butterfly flaps wings. 1960s: View of river and boat from on top of a boat. Boat on river. Boat turbines. Man sings directly into microphone while holding it. Man continues to perform on stage. 1930s: UNITED STATES: terraces on steep slope. Trees on mountain side. Ridge of mountain. View along valley. 1970s: UNITED STATES: engine of plane during flight. Plane in sky. Rain clouds in sky. Man measures precipitation from car 1950s: Battlefield smoke and soldiers running. Soldiers march in parade, citizens wave flags.
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