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1950s: Construction site.  Tractor moves dirt.  Truck drives past building. 1950s: Men in hats and overalls drop pine tree branches onto flames of bonfires as farm field smokes. embers smoke on soil as hands use pitchfork to scrape up. 1970s: Men place pins on large wall map. Men point to map and speak. Pins in large city map. 1960s: UNITED STATES: close up of monitors and screens at NASA mission headquarters during launch. Man works at desk 1960s: Container is carried on suspension cables across quarry. Container is lowered to bottom of quarry where men are at work. 1960s: UNITED STATES: sheep struggles against coyote. Coyote holds sheep by neck. 1950s: Man fills in worksheet titled "A PLAN TO FIT YOUR NEEDS."  House under construction.  Salesman talks to couple. UNITED STATES: 1940s: men march along road. Man thinks. Soldiers carry sacks. UNITED STATES: 1960s: yellow paint pours onto surface. Close up of lemon. UNITED STATES: 1960s: people walk past church through snow. Students sit exams in classroom 1960s: Man and woman run through crowd at world's fair, stop and stare at Indian women, Indian women bow politely. Man and woman run up steps to science exhibit. 1950s: Trees stand on the side of a road on cloudy day. men cut boards, hammer and build farm house. 1970s: Nurse writes on clipboard. Mother and nurse talk in home. Men kneel near driveway. Man removes sample of soil from yard. Hands and trowel scoop soil into jar. 1960s: UNITED STATES: man sits at NASA control panel during launch. Man speaks into microphone. Computer deck at headquarters 1950s: Boat.  Man and woman waterski. 1960s: UNITED STATES: coyote bites sheep on neck. Sheep in corner of pen 1950s: Girl holds crutches.  Girl sits.  Father and daughter look at check.  Graduation ceremony.  Young woman shakes hands with principal. UNITED STATES: 1940s: American soldier talks to barman in English pub. UNITED STATES: 1960s:brown and white shells in pile. UNITED STATES: 1950s: band marches onto street. 1960s: Man and woman walk up to direct distance dialing display, woman picks up phone, dials, points at display, smiles. Spokeswoman explains solar battery display to man and woman.
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