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1950s: Little boy walks reluctantly hand in hand with woman. Woman and boy turn corner and woman examines produce in front of store. Policeman appears and little boy tries to hide behind woman. UNITED STATES, 1940s: Man walks up to car on street and opens door. Three people share magazine in house. Minister addresses congregation. Newly wed couple leave church. BERLIN 1936: Large crowd in a stadium. Crowd makes 'Heil Hitler' hand sign. Italian team marches on track while making 'Heil Hitler' sign. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: men row dinghy over breakers. Researchers collect samples on sandy beach. UNITED STATES: 1950s: hand puts signs on frame. Man talks to camera. Man points to heard, understood, pleasing words. UNITED STATES: 1990s: liquid drops on bridge. Water in river. Liquids in microgravity environment. Ruler measures on grass UNITED STATES: 1950s: cars in street parade. Band marches behind cars. 1970s: Basketball game, crowd cheering; microscopic view of organisms. 1970s: Male student raises hand, male teacher lectures science classroom, UNITED STATES 1600s: Colonists argue around table / Close up of colonist. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : A factory worker manufactures a car part using a manually operated machine. A close up shows a factory worker tightening a screw on one of the parts he is building. 1950s: Mother talks impatiently to little girl. Little girl asks a question. Mother shoos little girl back to kitchen table to read her books. UNITED STATES, 1940s: Religious Man Reads from Bible. Children gather around man. Man teaches young people how to fix things. Young people walking in a group along sidewalk. Church billboard BERLIN 1936: Hitler cheers and athlete salutes him. Officials raise a flag with Swastika. Scoreboard showing country Olympic rankings. Top 3 winners in a category stand on podium saluting. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: snail in tub. Sea slug. Ship at sea. UNITED STATES: 1950s: man presents in front of USA flag. UNITED STATES: 1990s: silicon chip. Animated molecule. Crystal under microscope. Semi conductor chips. UNITED STATES: 1950s: majorettes perform in street parade. 1950s: Animation. Three explorers walk through tall grasses. Third explorer carrying gunpowder drops out of sight. Alligator appears with tongue out. Explorer on ship at sea looking pensive. 1970s: Photographer takes photo, dog sits with tongue hanging out at reception table, boy tells story, pets dog. UNITED STATES 1600s: Colonial man at table, Native Americans bring in herbs.
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