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1940s: Atoms split in chain reaction. 1960s: Cars and trucks drive past modern skyscrapers. Illustrated map of design of Brasilia. People walk toward Alberado Palace. CALIFORNIA 1950s: lady poses by beach. Lady takes off beach robe. Ladies sit on beach. Paramount Pictures studio 1930s: Machine rotates while it operates. Intertitle “Feldspar is also found in granite”. Pieces of stone lay around a stone with label “Feldspar”. Intertitle “Clay is weathered feldspar”. 1930s: A small opossum sits up on a branch, calling in alarm. Intertitle "Pygmy opossum of Tropical America. The excessively long tail is very prehensile". 1940s: Booker listens attentively to man in wheelchair. 1950s: Field of wheat blows in the breeze. Lake. 1920s: Traveling on boat passed small islands in water. Houses on islands while passing by on boat. 1960s: Diagram of earth. White circle appears around earth. Earth disappears but circle remains. Rocket launches into space. View of earth from rocket. 1950s: Man pulls rolls of coins from drawer, places on desk, stacks pennies next to coins. 1960s: racecars driving around an s-curve 1940s: UNITED STATES: bridge across water. Burst banks on river. Flooded area by street. People look at flood UNITED STATES: 1950s: boy moves table. Boy stretches arms in classroom. Boy flexes muscles UNITED STATES 1950s: Men with radio equipment / Military general on phone. 1960s: UNITED STATES: truck empties grain into feeding troughs for cattle. Cattle run towards troughs 1940s: Flag with Eagle on it. Men fire cannon. Crosses. Flag with Phoenix on it. 1960s: Shoppers check out at supermarket cash register. People walk past modern church. Colorful tiles of doves and stars on modern church. CALIFORNIA 1950s: car drives through town in Mexico. People stop to buy Mexican food 1930s: Man pushes a cart with a load of bricks out from the warehouse. Intertitle “Pottery from clay”. Potter does pottery on a potters wheel. Hands make a clay pot. 1930s: Men use boards and felt material to make circular building. Title card. 1990s: Liquid movement in equipment. Woman talks. Man talks and gives peace sign. Man standing next to woman speaks.
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