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1950s: Waitress speaks to man. Man opens menu and orders again. Waitress speaks to man. Man speaks to waitress. Waitress speaks to man. UNITED STATES: 1980s: women work in lab. Lady puts protein structure on table. 1950s: Man guides blind man 1940s: Two boys run down sidewalk. Boys exit door of house, run down steps, walk quickly down sidewalk. 1950s: Man in white lab coat and tall, bearded man in robes have a conversation in museum storage room. Tall man points to artifacts on table. 1950s: Man with long cane walks blind man outside, puts cane in blind man's hand. Man guides blind man's hand to swing cane back and forth. 1940s: Men wash up at large sink in locker room. Man walks to locker, puts on coat, walks through factory. Factory buildings. 1950s: Bus drives up to curb. Blind man uses cane to tap street, bus door. Man assists blind man to get on bus. 1950s: Waitress smiles. Waitress talks to man. Man smiles and rubs hands. Man responds to waitress. Man and woman stand on balcony. Man talks to woman. 1950s: Woman opens door for midwife and man. People enter home. Man warms hands near fireplace. 1950s: Man in army uniform blinks. Man sits at desk and talks to another man. Two men stand by desk, man hands over paper. Man reads paper, smiles, hands paper back, makes hand gestures. 1950s: Tall, bearded man in robes and man in white lab coat have a conversation in museum storage room. Man fixing a tractor stops and talks. 1910s: Man slams book on desk. Man leaves desk and dons hat. Boss intercepts man. Men argue in office. Boss removes hat from man multiple times. Man takes second hat and leaves. Men point and yell. 1950s: Man with cane walks down stairs. Man walks to subway turnstile, puts money through pass through window, walks through turnstile. 1950s: Man sits in subway car. Overlay of subway tracks, people at subway station. 1950s: UNITED STATES: side profile of baker in hat. Man speaks to baker. Doctor speaks to baker. Indian Chief with feather in band. Man in street 1950s: UNITED STATES: Indian Chief scratches head. Man opens mouth to make noise. Doctor in clinic. UNITED STATES, 1950s: Scientist places acetylene molecular model on table next to label. Scientist builds model from plastic kit. UNITED STATES: 1950s: A biker delivers newspapers at doorsteps of houses before a storm hits. Men Working on the Outside of a Space Rocket's Capsule Before it Goes in to Space. 1950s: Clean-cut man straightens tie. Woman helps him put on police uniform jacket. Woman holds police hat looking worried.
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