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1960s: Snow and trees. People stand outside near freeway. Man and woman pose together. 1940s: UNITED STATES: lady on boat. Lady smiles at camera. Man holds fish. Boy on boat. Boy smiles at camera. 1950s: Rows of storage buildings on beach at Navy yard. Fire burns around storage building. 1960s: Supersonic plane flies through sky. Text on screen. Fighter jet lifts off of landing pad. Jet flies through sky. 1920s: man sits next to movie camera. lion walks past window of bar set as men run away and man drinks at table. woman holds rope and walks big cat. lion roars. 1950s: Baby giraffe runs around enclosure, people sit behind fence and watch. UNITED STATES 1970s: Car parked on side street. Car drive on road. Car drives behing green station wagon. Car merges to left lane to pass green station wagon. UNITED STATES: 1950s: hand folds newspaper. Girl reads book on floor with cat. Hands operate printing press. 1950s: Paper printing in machine, pan to cards printing. People at office machines, woman hands file to man. Women walking down stairs. Men walking up stairs. Pan across people at desks. 1950s: Father hugs the crying little girl and swings her around, then puts her down. The goats drink from their bucket. The little girl takes the hose again. 1960s: Woman stands at bottom of ski slope, smokes cigarette, talks. Men and women stand in group, talk. 1940s: UNITED STATES: lady on boat on lake. View across lake. Man emerges from trees, Lady in woods 1950s: Two men cover tube-like metal cage inside building. Grain is dumped over covered cage. Animated diagram of grain in granary with fan inside and lines escaping to the top. 1960s: Rocket near tower on launch pad. Animated lunar module. Astronaut sits in simulator. Surface of moon. Astronaut climbs down ladder and leaves lunar module. Rocket launches and tower falls away. 1920s: man points around room at men and sits next to movie camera. cowboy points whip and grabs woman wrapped in rug with feather hat and flapper dress. man with fur hate opens door and drops coat. 1950s: Hippopotamus opens mouth wide. Zookeeper looks into hippopotamus UNITED STATES 1970s: Hands on steering wheel drives. Hands on steering wheel and shifter passes car. Car merges onto highway as truck merges. Car flashes headlights. Car drives on road. UNITED STATES: 1950s: man types words into printing machine. 1950s: Man puts printing plate onto roller. Pan across printing presses. Man looks at newspaper, tilt down. Papers running through press. 1950s: UNITED STATES: man in orchard. Stack of fruit boxes in orchard. Man climbs ladder by tree. 1960s: Men and women walk through parking lot, carry skis and ski poles.
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