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UNITED STATES 1960s: View of clock tower, tilt down to square, zoom in, officials walk down red carpet. 1970s: Researcher walks through swamp and sets equipment down on plank. Researcher opens equipment case and unwinds tubing. 1930s: Children walk down street and through arch.  Church.  Boys sweep.  Children enter school.  Children sit in rows.  Teacher points to chalkboard. NAZARETH, ISRAEL: 1960s: Mosaic floor at Peter's House in Israel. Close up of historical mosaic floor. UNITED STATES 1960s: Rose Mary Woods talks to man, pan across crowd at Nixon inauguration / View of flag waving. 1940s: Military trucks go down street in large parade. Large crowd, including people on roof of house, watch as marching band goes by. Large crowds in stands watching parade. 1930s: Man stabs stick into ground in front of ox.  Men join picnic.  Girl passes man food.  People tear tortillas and talk. NAZARETH, ISRAEL: 1960s: People attend Christmas Mass. People walk to church. Nuns go to church. UNITED STATES 1960s: Richard Nixon and Patricia Nixon wave from car in parade / Car passes camera, zoom in on crowd / Car passes in parade. 1940s: People in uniform and dress watching parade. Retired men in uniform march in parade and salute. Officer salutes them back. Title card: Man-Mountain Dean… Man in uniform. Woman on float. 1930s: Crowd watches performance.  Men play guitar and dance in ceremonial costumes.  Busy village. UNITED STATES: Boy turns around and notices student is missing and boy is seen home sick in bed. UNITED STATES 1960s: Tracking shot from car, crowd on lining street, view of motorcade driving through Paris. 1940s: Float shaped like a tank in parade, stops and shoots smoke. Float shaped like Navy ship. Majorette in parade. Man in donut costume in parade. 1950s: Mother dog watches puppies on lawn. Puppies sit on lawn. Man lifts puppy from ground and carries it away. Mother dog looks around lawn. Mother dog stands behind fence and barks. UNITED STATES: Teacher tells girl to leave the classroom. UNITED STATES 1960s: Close up, Nixon walks through crowd, waves / Police run toward crowd, pan down street. 1960s: Men walk out of meeting.  Men shake hands and talk.
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