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1940s: Soldiers gather around table and play cards. Man sleeps with book in bunk. Soldiers place detonators on grenades at table. Officers point to topographic map. 1970s: CANADA: otter runs across rocks. Otter steals fish from river side. Otter on riverbank. UNITED STATES, 1940s: People working inside factories. UNITED STATES, 1950s: Colourful parrots sitting next to each other. Red cherries. Green vegetables. Nuts on a plate. UNITED STATES: 1970s: Police officers escort teenager along corridor UNITED STATES: 2000s: Astronauts sit inside space shuttle cabin during flight. Monitors flicker. View over astronauts 1940s: Small plane flies over green hillside, disappears behind hill. Little red plane comes in for a landing on grassy field, speeds down field. 1940s: Man reads piece of paper with map on it. 1940s: Slave family sits at table. Woman speaks to children at table. Children respond to woman. Women and children speak at table. 1950s: Sutter's Fort in Sacramento, California. People walk past watch tower and cannon at fort. 1950s: Strip of color is laid on wallpaper. Strip of colors on tile samples. Tile samples laid next to color palettes in book. Woman holds color strip next to refrigerator door. Living room. 1940s: People swim in ocean.  Men paddle boat.  Mountain. 1950s: Crowd.  Men with cameras.  Man makes speech. 1930s: Text describes job opportunities for nurses.  Woman talk in group.  Text reads "Staff Nurse in a Ward." 1930s: People stand on dock by lake. Boats drive on lake. People walk on dock. Woman and girl walk down dock, people sit on boat. 1940s: Bombers fly over small island. Soldier fires machine gun. Soldiers run near fence. Wooden sign post. Small seaside village smokes and burns. 1970s: CANADA: man shows fish to camera. Fish thrashes in man's hand. Man shows fin to camera. UNITED STATES, 1940s: Damaged vehicle being towed to a scrap yard. Damaged cars in a scrap yard. UNITED STATES, 1950s: Pelican cleans feathers as it swims. Reflection of water and plants. Patterns of waves on sea. UNITED STATES: 1970s: man injured on ground after fight. Flames in fire. Boy's face. UNITED STATES: 2000s: Astronauts inside shuttle during flight. Monitors flicker. View over astronauts
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