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UNITED STATES: Attendant checks oil under hood of vehicle. UNITED STATES: Puppet 1970s: Woman walks past man to freezer, opens freezer. Arm hands woman pie. Woman walks away. Man walks to freezer, leans in. Man comes up with pie on face. Man wipes whipped cream off glasses. 1960s: men talk, walk and touch nose and wing of supersonic jet airplane model in hanger. 1970s: UNITED STATES: men speak in office. Men argue at desk. Man gestures with hands. 1950s: Two couples stand across from each other.  The female partners pass through the other couple.  Couples join hands. 1940s: Woman carries large bouquet of flowers. Girl stands on lawn next to flowers. Woman walks out of house. Girl sniffs flowers. 1940s: Flowers planted in front of steps. Woman exits house, stands next to woman. Woman walks to car. 1940s: Kelly Field, Texas. Pilot training, shirtless men do calisthenics, spin in chair. Army propeller planes fly over ocean. 1940s: UNITED STATES: men lift reels onto rollers. Pipe on rollers. Men move pipes into position 1930s: Stick points to Australia on globe. Model of spider on map of Sydney. Tree tops of forest. 1960s: Lake.  Boat tows water skiers.  People in rowboat.  Man and woman float on tubes. 1930s: Dear eats grass in wetland clearing. Seminole Indian hunter levels rifle and fires. 1930s: UNITED STATES: man stands by bench. Carpenter with tools. Man shaves wood. 1940s: UNITED STATES: Chickadee bird in winter. Waxwings in winter. 1940s: CAUCASUS, EUROPE: man in hat smiles at camera. Georgian Military Highway in mountains. Clouds over valley 1920s: Girl and woman pose on wooden cart. Woman and girl in garden with trumpet angel's trumpets blossoms. Cart and wheels covered in decorative paper. Woman wets paper in fountain. 1950s: Trees in front of building. Forest. Intertitle card. Landscape with trees and grass. 1940s: UNITED STATES: man works in photography developing room. Man puts photo in liquid solution. Photographer develops photo 1950s: Factory.  Hands put bottles into machine.  Machine attaches labels.  Pills are fed into automatic counter.  Pills fall into plastic bag.  Women package pills. 1970s: Woman in hard hat looks serious. Men carry away bloodied man on stretcher, people stand watching. Men load stretcher into ambulance, shut doors. Man climbs into cab.
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