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1940s: Praying mantis on grass. Panning shot of rattlesnake moving. 1940s: Fox fighting with skunk, fox runs away. Caterpillar on branch. Close up of caterpillar. 1950s: Small insect hops across leaves on surface of pond. Plants underwater. Hand dips into pond, lifts plant out, places plant back into water.  1950s: Dragonfly nymph attacks small fish underwater. Dragonfly nymph catches fish. 1950s: Frog sits on a lily pad on surface of pond. Frog sits on a log, hunts mayfly, catches mayfly, eats mayfly. 1950s: Close up of baby birds in nest. View of eggs in nest. Long shot of bird walking through grass. 1950s: Bees crawl around nest. Bees flying around flowers. Close up pf bee feeding on flowers. 1950s: Close up shots of wildflowers. Bird in grass. Long shot of bird flying. Bird in grass. Close up of grasshopper. Ants swarming. 1950s: Barrel cactus in the desert with mountains in background. Desert tortoise walks into water stream. Tortoise eats plant.