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1960s: Squirrel in pine tree. Meadow, grasses blowing in wind. Lily pads in pond. Underwater root system of lily pads. 1960s: Beetle climbs up and into the mouth of American pitcher plant (sarracenia). Several American pitcher plants. Sundew plant. Hairs of sundew plant leaves. 1940s: Diagram of mountain, indicating different zones above and below Timber Line. 1940s: Group of elk run across grassy field. Elk graze under tree. Wolf looks around. 1940s: Mountain goats climb mountainside. Group of rams wander up hillside. 1940s: Group of deer run across valley. Two bears on grassland. Mountain valley. 1940s: Frog jumps off of rock. Deer eating, runs away. View of flowers. Lizard attacks bug. Bug covered with ants. 1940s: Bird wading in water. Crocodile in water. Bird flies to shore. Owl looks through hole in tree. Woodpecker on tree. Porcupine walking through grass. 1940s: Bird eats fish. Crab hides in sand. Tracking shot of rabbit running. Skunk walking in grass. 1950s: Water snails and bugs move around below the surface of the pond. Water snails swim under water. 1950s: Female dragonfly lays eggs in pond. Mayfly nymph sits on rock underwater. 1950s: Boy stands on bank of pond, man and children approach, boy holds up stick with fish on it. Children walk around pond. 1950s: Low angle view of yucca plants. Long shot of prairie dogs on mounds. Prairie dogs in field.  1950s: Coyote walking through field. Skunk eating mouse. Long shot of coyote walking. 1950s: A great horned owl sits in a nest in tree, the wind blows. Empty desert landscape with mountain range in background and clouds in the sky. 1950s: Vegetation in sand dunes in the desert. Plants and flowers move in the wind in the desert. 1950s: Whiptail lizard moves towards vegetation. Road runner moves fast and jumps over vegetation. Road runner moves with a lizard in its beak in the desert. Lizard moves on the ground. 1960s: Underwater plants. Utricularia (bladderwort) plant on surface of water. Detail of bladderwort. Small aquatic animals trapped in bladderwort structure. 1960s: Various sundew plants. Sundew plants, leaves and hairs visible. Hair stalk of cape sundew plant. Microscope view of plant structure. 1940s: A grassy valley. Moose are grazing in valley. A moose is eating a plant. 1940s: Wolf sits next to waterfall. Cougar sits on platform, growling. Porcupine walks on ground.
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