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1940s: Iguanas fighting. Bird picks up baby bird. Bird steals egg. Fire burning in field. Broken eggs in nest. Chipmunk floating on stick. Dead deer in snow. Rat walking. 1940s: Crab buried in sand. Prairie dogs in field. Prairie dogs run to burrow. Antelope walking. 1940s: Caterpillar on branch. Close up of caterpillar. Armadillo in grass. 1950s: Hand dips glass jar into water, scoops water from pond. Man walks out of pond, shows jar of water to kids, holds magnifying glass up to jar. Microscopic organisms move around in water. 1950s: Dragonfly nymph sits on rock underwater. Nymph climbs out of water, onto leaf. 1950s: Frog sits on a log, eats insect. Mayfly on surface water of pond. Fish swims up, eats mayfly from water 1950s: Close up of baby birds in nest. View of eggs in nest. Long shot of bird walking through grass. 1950s: Bees crawl around nest. Bees flying around flowers. Close up pf bee feeding on flowers. 1950s: Close up shots of wildflowers. Bird in grass. Long shot of bird flying. Bird in grass. Close up of grasshopper. Ants swarming. 1950s: Barrel cactus in the desert with mountains in background. Desert tortoise walks into water stream. Tortoise eats plant. 1950s: A road runner holds a lizard in its beak and gives it to baby birds in a nest on top of cactus. A nighthawk flies in the desert. Vulture flies in the sky. 1950s: Ants move in and out from underground colony in the sand. Coiled-up snake moves its head slowly. Desert landscape. 1960s: Dead ant on butterwort leaf. Pitcher plant framed by other vegetation. Top of pitcher plant (nepenthes). Insect entering mouth of pitcher plant. Fly approaches mouth of plant, falls in. 1960s: Insect trapped on sundew plant. Sundew plant hairs envelop insect. Sundew plant leaf folds over itself to envelop insect. 1940s: Beaver walks through wetland. Beaver is eating food from stick in water. 1940s: Pika eats some plants on hillside. Marmot sits in hole on grassy hillside. 1940s: From mountaintop to the valley below. Group of deer wander across valley. 1940s: Hunters hauling dead deer. Illustration of dinosaurs. Views of stuffed passenger pigeons.  1940s: Herd of antelope running. Baby antelope running. Kangaroo hopping. Otter swimming. Snake crawling. Possum running in grass. 1940s: Snake on ground. Snake hissing. Rattlesnake shaking tail. Close up, hands hold rattle snake head. 1950s: Pond hydra in water. Water flea. Microscopic organisms swim around.
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