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War (1065)

Europe 1940s: men guard door of building. Quotation from Hitler about Napoleon. Hitler and generals look at plans.  United States: 1950s: Radioactive symbol on brick building. View of street. United States: 1950s: men work at RADEF desk. Man answers telephone at desk. United States: 1950s: Men work at desk in office. Man draws on whiteboard. Men compare notes. Newsreader reads paper to microphone. United States: 1950s: Hand writes pencil notes on logbook. Nuclear fallout chart. Close up of fingers writing numbers with pencil. United States: 1950s: Man monitors radiation levels in grounds. Plane undertakes Arial monitoring of nuclear fallout. Watch and paper on clipboard. People lay down on bunks in shelter. Europe 1940s: British Navy ships at Dunkirk. Ship at sea. Animated map of England with shadows of planes. British air force planes. Europe 1940s: sparks of light from gunfire on plane. Planes fly through cloud during attack. Close up of plane in air. Wreckage of German plane in sea. Europe 1940s: Gering gets out of car. Men walk beneath planes. Hitler salutes soldiers. Title for August 1940. Men load weapons onto planes. Pilot runs to plane. Aircraft take off from field. Europe 1940s: people leave store during air raids. Lady makes call on telephone. Escalator in empty store. Men in uniform on patrol. German planes fly over River Thames in London. Guns fire on planes. Europe 1940s: plane in sky drops bombs. Man looks up at sky. Man takes cover on ground. Man calls to friend. Europe 1940s: trucks prepare for war. officer answers phone. Men talk on telephone. Workers prepare aircraft on ground. Men and women in war office. Man answers telephone. Europe 1940s: patrol men help clear street in Coventry, Coffin carried to open grave in Coventry. Coffin lowered into ground. Europe 1940s: London buildings on fire. People sleep in underground station. Ladies entertain children on platform. Shoes and briefcase. Child in drawer. Firemen hose water on flames. Europe: 1940s: close up of RAF pilot's face. RAF men in uniform sing together. RAF planes in formation. Soldiers march, Winston Church takes off hat. United States: 1940s: clouds of smoke around ship. Ladder swings towards ship. EUROPE: 1940s: soldiers on landing boats. Ships at sea. Bombs hot ships on water. Soldiers fire from ship EUROPE: 1940s: military planes in air. Planes fire on ground. Bombs drop. Ship hit by bomb UNITED STATES: 1950s: Survival equipment on table. Sanitation kit. Survival cracker. UNITED STATES: 1950s: men talk at planning meeting. UNITED STATES: 1950s: men talk at planning meeting.
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