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War (1065)

Europe 1940s: view of the English Channel and cliffs of Dover. Hitler looks through view finder. White cliffs of Dover from sea. Waves crash onto shore. Map of Britain. United States: 1940s: ship on side in sea. Men stand on side of shipwreck. United States: 1950s: men discuss information at RADEF, Blast, and Fire desk. Close up of man's face in office. United States: 1950s: Man draws fallout forecast on map. Man draws line with pencil. Men work at desk. Men leave desk. Men walk to white board United States: 1950s: Illustration shows nuclear fallout stations. Collection points on map. EOC marked on map. United States: 1950s: Presenter reads news into microphone. Lady hands out papers in office. Europe 1940s: Nazi vehicles drive through town and countryside. Soldiers on train. Men move jerry cans along train. Animated map of Nazi occupation as a whale. Europe 1940s: British ships in English Channel. Dive-bomber planes over English Channel. Bombs fall from plane. Bombs hit ship. Europe 1940s: animated map of coastline from Britain to Norway. Men on boats. Soldiers relax. Soldiers look after horses. German soldiers prepare supplies and guns. Gunfire. Europe 1940s: pilot stands on ground and talks. Animation of planes and calendar. Soldiers patrol coast Europe 1940s: aircraft in sky during battle. Men operate anti aircraft gun. Plane in flames in air. Smoke trails from damaged plane in sky. Close up of gun and plane fire. Europe 1940s: buildings on fire after air ride in London. Firemen spray water on burning buildings. Flames from building window. Lady in underground air raid shelter knits during air raid. Europe 1940s: buildings in Coventry after bombed hit. Children walk past bomb site in Coventry. Building collapses Europe 1940s: Tailors shop on fire at night. Buildings on fire at night. Firefighters spray water on fires. Europe: 1940s: lady sits on bench by man reading newspaper. Soldier watches sky. Plane on ground. RAF men prepare plane. United States: 1940s: view of ship from above. Plane flies above ship. Smoke from chimneys on ship. Ship by city. EUROPE: 1940s: bomber panes in sky. Bombs dropped from planes. Soldiers march under aircraft. Men put on packs. Planes take off. EUROPE: 1940s: soldiers walk by church. Soldiers talk to civilians. Men dress wounds. Supplies on ground. UNITED STATES: 1950s: Fallout shelter symbol on wall of building. People in meeting UNITED STATES: 1950s: Man gets equipment from rescue vehicle. Man cleans kit. Man speaks at meeting. UNITED STATES: 1950s: men talk at planning meeting. Instructor trains volunteers in classroom.
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