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UNITED STATES: 1990s: computer animation of a hurricane forming. Wind and air movement in hurricane. Eye of a storm. Rain and wind. UNITED STATES: 1990s: weather plane on ground. Aircraft takes off from runway. Hurricane hunters badge and uniform. Lady adjusts dashboard switches. Cars on road. UNITED STATES: 1990s: teacher checks student work. Hurricane prediction disc. UNITED STATES: 1990s: ladies look at graph of weather.  Graph of intensity of storm. NASA Connect scientists talk about weather. UNITED STATES: 1990s: astronauts work out in space. Physiology testing and research in space UNITED STATES: 1990s: computer simulation of human lung and gas exchange. Astronaut breathes into machine. UNITED STATES: 1990s: athletes running in space. Man gets cast off leg. UNITED STATES: 1990s: people on rollercoaster ride at fair. UNITED STATES: 1980s: NASA team put supplies into space shuttle. Astronauts climb into space ship.