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United States: 1950s: boy hangs head in interview. Parents listen to man . Children look at man. United States: 1950s: boy walks to car. Boy puts hand on car. UNITED STATES 1950s: Cars travelling in both directions along a busy four lane road UNITED STATES 1950s: POV of a car as it drives fast along a country road. A slow moving tractor then pulls out in front of the car which causes the driver to suddenly brake United States: 1970s: close up animation of blood flow to lungs and heart. United States: 1970s: hands apply dressing on top of severed thumb. Bandage soaks with blood. United States: 1970s: hands feel for femoral pulse in man's thigh. Man feels for pulse behind model's knee. Hand holds calf muscle. United States: 1970s: hands tie bandage over man's shoulder. Man uses wood to apply pressure to injured arm. UNITED STATES 1970s: Front loader drives. Steering wheel of front loader. Front loader swerves side to side. Edge of cliff. Four men run out of way of front loader. Foot slams on brake. UNITED STATES 1970s: Man with hands on tire. Man talks. Man picks up box, gets in front loader. Front loader drives and hits pothole. Man falls out of front loader. Foot slams on brake. Tire stops. UNITED STATES 1970s: Dirt falls. Dirt falls onto front loader. Dirt stops. Front loader underneath dirt. UNITED STATES 1970s: Front loader dumps dirt into truck. Front loader backs up off cliff. Tires. Man. Tire. Hands turn steering wheel. Man. Front loader falls. UNITED STATES 1970s: Car cuts in front of motorcycle to make exit off highway. Motorcyclist avoids car. Woman drives. Woman makes U-turn. UNITED STATES 1970s: Car view drives in back of bus. Bus pulls over. Car slows down. Police car stops at stop sign. Car view drives in left lane on highway. UNITED STATES 1970s: Car moves to the right as truck and car passes on left. United States: 1950s: lady on ambulance stretcher with bandage on head. Ambulance men lift stretcher into ambulance. View of road from car. Stop sign on side of road. Black car comes into view. United States: 1950s: view of road from helicopter. Helicopter flies over road. Cars on road. Man looks out of helicopter window. United States: 1950s: Body next to car after crash. Police vehicle next to car crash. Glass fragments on seat of car after crash. Hand polishes car. United States: 1950s: Close up of man's eyes as he drives car at night. Man gets tired at wheel. Headlights of oncoming cars at night. United States: 1950s: vehicles on road seen from above. Lady and trolley on ground. Body on floor. Food on floor after pedestrian run over. United States: 1950s: boy in wheelchair. Close up of boy's face.
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