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United States: 1950s: car pulls over at side of street. Lady gets out of car. Lady closes car door and says goodbye. Car drives off. Car nearly gets hit by traffic. United States: 1950s: lady looks forward and sighs. View of house and tree from road. United States: 1950s: police officer passes paper to judge. Jude talks to man. United States: 1950s: cars in city at night. View above cars on road at night. Lights of cars on night street. Traffic in city at night. Sign for Beverly Blvd. United States: 1950s: man sits at table in house. Lady reads paper. Lady returns home. Lady takes off jacket. Lady in house with children. United States: 1950s: lady walks to window and looks outside. Lady puts food in cupboard. Children look through window. Lady talks to children. United States: 1950s: lady rushes through front door. Girl rushes through front door. Police officers talk in street. United States: 1980s: Test wheels spin in research. Water sprayed on moving wheels. Close up of aircraft wheels landing on wet runway. United States: 1980s: View from inside of car as driver travels across wet surface. View from side as car travels over wet surface. United States: 1980s: graph shows braking distances of two cars in wet smooth surfaces. Smooth tread and good tread effects on braking distance. United States: 1950s: View of car number plate from below. Side view of car on road. View from behind of car on road. Policemen in car see car. Police stop car. United States: 1950s: crowd gathers by car in street. Man talks to people in street. Lady looks at tape measure. United States: 1950s: man talks to man sat at desk. Lady looks at man. Parents talk to officer. Side view of lady in station. Boys look before crossing road. United States: 1950s: people cross road. Car stops at junction. Man crosses road. Pedestrians cross road. United States: 1950s: man at desk picks up telephone. Man speaks on phone. Parents watch man. Man talks to boy. United States: 1950s: boy walks to car. Boy puts hand on car. UNITED STATES 1950s: Cars travelling in both directions along a busy four lane road UNITED STATES 1950s: POV of a car as it drives fast along a country road. A slow moving tractor then pulls out in front of the car which causes the driver to suddenly brake United States: 1970s: close up animation of blood flow to lungs and heart. United States: 1970s: hands apply dressing on top of severed thumb. Bandage soaks with blood. United States: 1970s: hands feel for femoral pulse in man's thigh. Man feels for pulse behind model's knee. Hand holds calf muscle.
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