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MADAGASCAR: 1970s: Man cuts rope. Person wrapped in cloth and pushed over cliff. Human sacrifice. People in line. Lady with baby MADAGASCAR: 1970s: flames and wood on fire. Queen listens to chief. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: people walk along path. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: Queen looks across land. Hand holds letter. Girls walk through street. Men watch from street corner. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: chief walks up steps. Men talk to Chief. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: man shouts. People throw stones at people tied to posts MADAGASCAR: 1970s: Girl walks along path MADAGASCAR: 1970s: girl watches men sit in street. Man MADAGASCAR: 1970s: men tie man before execution. Man buys girl. Girl untied. UNITED STATES, 1940s: Man holds up arm as he prays with parishioners. Man shakes hands with line of young ladies. 'Special Services' Title. People at a wedding in church. UNITED STATES, 1940s: People boarding a plane in the snow. People shooting arrows in a field. Man with bow and arrow. UNITED STATES, 1940s: People at religious gathering. Church Minister raises right hand. Young man speaking at podium. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: lady attached to man by rope around neck. Lady thinks. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: man stands in robe. Men stand by wall. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: Bible on table cloth. Hands turn pages of Bible. Queen sits on throne. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: people worship in secret by candle light. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: Bible on fire. Man talks to woman. Flames and fire. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: people throw stones. Papers on fire. Man tied to stake. Man prepares fire around prisoner MADAGASCAR: 1970s: girl talks to mother. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: girl watches men sit in street. Man MADAGASCAR: 1970s: men tie man in mat on edge of cliff. Girl looks up to sky and clouds.
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