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1950s: Paper drops behind clover leaves. Man pushes mower across lawn. Lawn mover cuts through grass. Grass blades grow. 1950s: Illustration of large green leaf. Illustrated sun rays and lines appear. Illustrated white blocks move down stem. White dots appear on leaf. 1950s: Boston ivy leaves glisten in sun. High speed camera shows potted plant turn toward light source. 1950s: Green plant with leaves. Hand pulls plant from soil to reveal roots. Horses and cows graze in farm yard. 1950s: Potted plant in window. Hands use scissors to remove one leaf. Hands remove leaf from potted plant in dark cabinet. 1950s: Aerial view of forest. Dead corn plants in field. Colorful leaves on autumn trees. 1950s: Farm field of spinach. Cabbage plant. Hand picks dandelion leaves and drops them into pot. Pot of leaves and water is boiled on stove. 1950s: Hands use tweezers to remove leaves from bowl. Hands place leaves on plate. Hands pour iodine solution onto leaves. 1950s: Bright autumn leaves on tree. Leaves on limb. Leaf falls from limb revealing leaf scar.