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POLAND: 1960s: bodies of prisoners in camp. Naked boy and woman in camp. Concrete foundations of camp. Men shake hands 1960s: UNITED STATES: boy collapsed on floor by tablets. Hand turns boy over. Sign for Emergency. Ambulance arrives at hospital United States: 1950s: Illustration shows nuclear fallout stations. Collection points on map. EOC marked on map. JAPAN: 1943: Japanese men use straw to build huts. 1960s: supersonic jet engine dangles in laboratory as parts shift. men inspect Boeing 733 model hangs on crane as men inspect wings. 1950s: Human skeleton model: jaw, neck vertebrae, shoulders. X-ray of person rotating neck. Swimmer at indoor pool rotates neck, bends over and pulls other swimmer from pool. Man with model skeleton. POLAND: 1960s: night time fire of weapons. Tanks speed across ground. Aircraft fly and drop bombs. 1960s: UNITED STATES: man sits in boat, Man fixes fishing rod reel. Man's face. Boy sits on river bank United States: 1950s: Presenter reads news into microphone. Lady hands out papers in office. JAPAN: 1943: Women in Japanese provinces produce handicrafts as people clean the sidewalks in the villages. 1960s: men talk, touch and walk around lockhead supersonic jet airplane with double delta wings model  from nose to wing. 1950s: Man gestures to pelvis of model skeleton. Man gestures to hip joint and femur. Man gestures to knee, fibula and tibia of model skeleton. Man moves model skeleton POLAND: 1960s: soldiers march in street. Men parade in square. Men in uniform salute. Tanks in square. 1960s: UNITED STATES: family tip boat over. Family in water. Girl on bank shouts for help. People disappear UNITED STATES: 1970S: digger clears rubble from building site. Crater n city. Building of a skyscraper in city. JAPAN: 1943: The daily lives of Japanese women work in clothing factories. 1960s: Boeing 727 jet airplane taxis, a man signals to stop and gas trucks arrive. 1940s: Recorder stops spinning. Young man by desk sets down microphone, holds up paper. Text on paper for banquet speech. Young man talks. POLAND: 1960s: child pushes pram. Lady adjusts cover on pram. Baby in street. Building and road 1960s: UNITED STATES: speed boats race on water. Girl on river bank. Girl runs to car boot. Girl grabs tyre from car UNITED STATES: 1970S: machine loads rock into truck. Truck transports rock.
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