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United States: 1960s: animation of valves as they open and close with blood flow in heart. Pulmonary veins. United States: 1960s: people play in swimming pool. Boy chases ball in pool. Lady in bed. Lady can't sleep. United States, 1930s: animation of heart shows flow of blood between chambers. Valves in closed position. United States, 1930s: animation shows exchange of nutrients across vessels. Animation shows flow around body including pelvic, viscera, arms, and lungs. Severed vessel leaks blood. United States, 1930s: pressure increases on scale. Hand dissects vessel. Scale drops. United States 1960s: boy feels for pulse in wrist. Boy holds machine, Close up of metre on machine. Man explains concept to boy. United States 1960s: plastic model of heart on table. Man turns model of heart. Man points to areas of heart. Man opens plastic heart model to show chambers. United States 1960s: hand squeezes tube. Hand covers hole in tube. Man points to take around tube. United States 1960s: finger points at representation of heart beat on machine monitor. Moving disc on machine. High voltage label on machine. Fingers point at disc.