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UNITED STATES 1950s : Spectators enter a sports arena for a circus. UNITED STATES 1950s : Two horses pull a red wagon down a ramp on a city street. UNITED STATES 1950s : A camel descends from a red Cole Brothers Circus train car. UNITED STATES 1950s : Center poles of a circus tent are threaded with pulleys, ropes, and large iron rings for support. UNITED STATES 1950s : A circus elephant unrolls a canvas using its trunk. UNITED STATES 1950s : Families relax at the midway before entering a circus show. UNITED STATES 1950s : Clowns congregate as they prepare for a circus show. UNITED STATES 1950s : A clown enters a circus sitting atop the head of an elephant. UNITED STATES 1950s:Male performer does acrobatic tricks and flips while balancing on a tight rope. UNITED STATES 1950s:Acrobats and a juggler perform for an audience. UNITED STATES 1950s:Little boys watch in amazement as the tight rope performer continues doing tricks. UNITED STATES 1950s : Spectators wait in line with their tickets to enter arena. UNITED STATES 1950s : Two horses pull a red Cole Brothers Circus wagon through a city street. UNITED STATES 1950s : Several men ride circus horses along a highway as they walk gingerly. UNITED STATES 1950s : The first center pole of a circus tent, the king pole, is put up and held in place by ropes. UNITED STATES 1950s : A tent canvas for a circus is spread and tied to an iron ring on a pole. UNITED STATES 1950s : Spectators take part in side shows while waiting for entry into the circus tent. UNITED STATES 1950s : Circus horses exit backstage area guided by trainers. UNITED STATES 1950s : Clowns walk into a circus show as the crowd cheers. UNITED STATES 1950s:Clowns and other performers get ready while spectators line up to get into circus. UNITED STATES 1950s:Two female performers do acrobatic tricks as a man cycles to spin them around in the air.
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