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UNITED STATES 1950s : A poster for Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey with show dates. UNITED STATES 1950s : A snubbing post is used to prevent circus train cars from moving too fast. UNITED STATES 1950s : Animals from all over the world are unloaded from a red circus train car. UNITED STATES 1950s : Four men take turns hammering a stake into the ground. UNITED STATES 1950s : Cooks serve bread and sausage for breakfast for circus workers. UNITED STATES 1950s : After a circus tent is set up, animals take shelter in a makeshift stable. UNITED STATES 1950s : A performer prepares himself for a circus show by placing makeup on his face. UNITED STATES 1950s : A lady sits atop an elephants as a clown's chariot is pulled by jackasses. UNITED STATES 1950s:An elephant spinning a woman on its trunk as they practice their circus act. UNITED STATES 1950s:Performers wait behind the curtains as three women do rollerskating tricks on a small platform. UNITED STATES 1950s:A man sells cottong candy to the crowd as a performers spin around ropes. UNITED STATES 1950s : A clown narrates while putting makeup on his face. UNITED STATES 1950s : Two horses laboriously haul a heavy equipment trunk for Cole Brothers Circus through city streets. UNITED STATES 1950s : A zebra is guided by a trainer as it walks down a ramp from a red circus train. UNITED STATES 1950s : A machine pummels stakes into the ground. UNITED STATES 1950s : Elephants pull rolls of tent canvas from circus wagons. UNITED STATES 1950s : Before a circus show, elephants rest and play on the field. UNITED STATES 1950s : A performer places a headcap as other clowns enter the circus. UNITED STATES 1950s : Performers enter with the help of circus animals. UNITED STATES 1950s:A crowd cheers as a woman uses her whip to guide horse act. UNITED STATES 1950s:A man in a unicycle does balancing tricks.
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