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1950s: Human skeleton model: jaw, neck vertebrae, shoulders. X-ray of person rotating neck. Swimmer at indoor pool rotates neck, bends over and pulls other swimmer from pool. Man with model skeleton. 1950s: Man gestures to pelvis of model skeleton. Man gestures to hip joint and femur. Man gestures to knee, fibula and tibia of model skeleton. Man moves model skeleton 1950s: A dozen young men exit locker room wearing swimwear at indoor pool. Several dive into pool simultaneously. Instructor  gestures to young man on diving board, man dives. 1950s: Man gestures to ribs on model skeleton. X-ray of beating heart and lungs. Chest of young man. Ball hits chest. Young man, poolside, throws ball. 1950s: X-ray of skull, jaw moving, then eating. X-ray of skull continues to chew, food goes down throat. 1950s: Man sits on edge of swimming pool. Young man stands on edge of pool. Young man walks towards, climbs, and jumps from diving board, performing flip. 1950s: Man gestures to collarbone of model skeleton. Man rotates skeleton and gestures to shoulder blades. X-ray of person rolling shoulders, person places box on shoulder. Man with box on shoulder. 1950s: Man standing with model skeleton speaks. Man gestures to skeleton's spine. 1950s: Speaking suited man sits at science class lab table, beaker nearby skeleton model off to side. Man rubs wrist, feeling bones.