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GALAPAGOS: 1950s: penguins jump from rock into sea. Galapagos red crabs. Iguana walks across ground GALAPAGOS: 1950s: marine iguana swims in sea. Marine iguana forages for seaweed on rocks by sea. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: Overhead view of Bikini atoll. View across lagoon. Fish in sea. Waves on beach. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: waves break on coral reef. Animation of radioactivity. View across lagoon. Coral reef in ocean PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: man users Geiger counter to record radioactivity on island. Man cuts palm tree. Men collect plant samples PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: men work on board research vessel. Ship at sea. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: identification of marine life under microscope. Man studies algae from ocean. PACIFIC OCEAN: 1940s: dried out tissues under infrared lamp. Radiation photograph of tissue sample UNITED STATES: 1980s: map shows migration of ducks. Birds in sky. Animated map of flyway. Wildlife refuges.