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1960s: UNITED STATES: boy pours seeds into hand from packet. Boy looks at seeds in hand. Close up of seeds. Boy plants seeds in ground. Boy makes trench in ground 1960s: UNITED STATES: boy fills watering can with water. Boy sprinkles garden with water. Boy checks on seeds in ground 1960s: UNITED STATES: boy plays in garden. Boy rolls down grass. Boys play fight. Lady at sink in kitchen 1950s: UNITED STATES: flower on plant. Girl looks at flowers in garden. Girl in garden by house 1950s: UNITED STATES: drawing of pistils of flower. Pollen arrives at ovule during plant fertilization 1950s: UNITED STATES: pencil points at pistuls on plant. Stamens in plant. Dark purple pollen in tulip. Corn stamens. 1960s: UNITED STATES: hand plants seeds in soil. Seeds in row. Hand covers seeds with soil. Hand tidies away twigs 1960s: UNITED STATES: close up of soil. Seeds grow roots into ground. Time lapse of seed growth 1960s: UNITED STATES: Boy sulks at table. Lady talks to boy. Hands open seeds.