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1970s: Question mark appears, man drives up and down pink loops, arrives at brain, squirts liquid at brain. 1970s: Creature falls asleep at control panel, factory equipment shuts down. Man drives down pink curvy road, sign says 1970s: UNITED STATES: girl sits on man's knee Girl feeds self ice cream. Girl feeds ice cream to dad. Close up of child 1970s: UNITED STATES: baby chews on teething ring. Baby explores items in drawers. Baby chews on bottle. Lady changes baby nappy. 1970s: UNITED STATES: man moves bottles in house. Child reaches bottle. 1970s: UNITED STATES: medicine in bottle. Tablets on shelf. Lady takes tablet with water. Girl sits and leans n arm 1970s: UNITED STATES: parents take child to park. Girl holds man's hand. Close up of lady's face. 1970s: Model of human brain, lit up. Lit model of brain flashing. 1970s: Model of human brain with lights, flashing. Boy in wheelchair uses hands to move chair. 1970s: Squid thrown onto stingray in basket. Net full of crabs and starfish.  Squid thrown into basket of squid. Stingray thrown onto squid. Hands hold shark. Fish mouth with teeth. Men using nets. 1970s: Hands dissecting squid. Scissors cutting part of lit specimen. Pulse flashing on computerized monitor. 1970s: Man stands.  Man sits and speaks.  Man points to picture.  Man raises eyebrows. 1970s: Infant lies on stomach.  Hospital nursery.  Hands reach into isolette and touch baby.  Woman.  Hand rubs baby's back. 1970s: Men sit and look at x-rays.  Men listen.  1970s: Cell.  Man looks in microscope.  Woman holds crab.  Drops of liquid fall.  Woman looks down and smiles.  Hands hold baby in isolette.  Hand rubs back. 1970s: Men enter smoky room.  Nurse closes door.  Nurses carry patient through door.  Nurses drag patient on blanket. 1970s: Nurse shuts doors in hallways.  Man speaks at front of room.  Diagram labeled 1970s: Man talks to nurses around hospital bed.  Women kneel.  Patient lies in bed.  Nurse puts arm under patient's head. 1970s: Group of people including nurses and doctors are surrounding a woman lying on a bed while a man talks. 1970s: A women nurse holds a man upright in bed while another nurse holds his legs that are in leg casts and they carry him away from the bed. 1970s: A female nurse stands behind another female nurse and grabs her arms from behind and crosses them.
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