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1950s: Blades spin and mix ore with liquid. Hand removes rock from ore mix. Smelting bucket dumps molten ore. Men hammer and carry metal plates. Train cars roll toward industrial plant. UNITED STATES 1950s: Construction site, crane rotates / Dissolve to view of dam / Dissolve to lake / Dissolve to water exiting dam. UNITED STATES 1950s: Animation of water purification, sand filter. A police car arrives at a plane crash scene as EMTs move victims on a stretcher. As health care workers and aides transport plane crash victims into a hospital, ambulatory patients are transferred to the nurses A health care professional dresses the wound of a plane crash victim in the emergency room. After his abdominal surgery, a plane crash victim is taped with gauze to minimize bleeding in the midsection. A nurse primes a syringe while an aid takes the temperature of a plane crash victim. Nurses assist ambulatory care patients as they are transferred to another location as plane crash victims are given care in a makeshift ward.