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1950s: Boy watches fish in aquarium in house. Vivisection of goldfish bloodstream. 1970s: Man and woman measure circumference of tree trunk with string. Men kneel in tall grass to examine plants. Man uncurls hose and places it in plastic pipe. 1950s: Hands plant a plant in dirt at bottom of aquarium. Boy pours water into aquarium with bowl in it, sitting on table. 1970s: Aerial view of waste water treatment facility. Aerial view of wetlands marsh. People work at drafting tables in engineering office. 1950s: Boy places plant in small fish bowl. Fish eggs in water start to hatch. 1970s: Men walk along the pipeline in wetlands. Man climbs over pipe. Men investigate pipeline. 1950s: Students slide trays along railing in cafeteria. Students place milk on trays in cafeteria. Students in crowded lunch room. Students sit at lunch room table and begin to eat. 1970s: Woman turns from microscope and speaks. Woman walks along wooden path in swamp. Woman opens spout on pipeline and adjusts net. 1950s: Woman spreads butter on bread with knife. Hands place used silverware on plate. 1970s: Men kneel and examine grass in wetlands. Men talk and walk through field. Sunlight streams through tall trees. 1950s: Woman picks up spilled water glass. Waiter cleans up spill. Girl applies lipstick in mirror. Girl brushes hair in mirror. 1970s: Truck drives through trailer park and onto dirt road. Man and woman in truck. 1950s: UNITED STATES: hands open hard back book part way. Book on edge. Old fashioned telephone with dial. Telephone on table 1970s: Man standing in swamp catches branch. Woman speaks. Water flows from pipe. 1950s: UNITED STATES: object inside imaginary box. Auxiliary plane and view of object 1970s: Women researchers add substance to sample bottles and trays. Bottle briefly placed in rubber cup. 1950s: UNITED STATES: planes of object drawn on paper. Diagram of principal views, angles, and planes 1970s: Sign for city manager's office. Man unfolds paper and spreads it out on desk. Men look at paper. 1950s: Jet takes off from aircraft carrier. Military men confer around maps and plans. Atomic bomb explodes at Bikini Atoll. 1940s: Woman marches in parade, twirling baton. Men march in uniform, holding flag. Group of women march, twirling batons. Men in uniforms follow, holding flags. Woman with batons. 1950s: Animation of nuclear powered submarine descending and ascending in ocean. Animation of bomb detonating near submarine.
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