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EUROPE, 1940s: Waitress takes the orders from diners in a restaurant and writes them on her note pad. 1940s: Group of rams, ewes and lambs lay on mountainside. The group grazes on mountainside. Ewe sits down while eating. EUROPE, 1940s: Two ladies in a restaurant. Two men in a restaurant. Men and ladies dining together at a restaurant table. 1940s: Male volleyball players change position and rotate. Boy serves ball, match continues. United States, 1940s: Man talks to couple in hallway. Man shows newspaper to gentleman. 1940s: Boy hits the ball with hands above the chest. Volleyball match.  United States, 1940s: Man places papers on table and reads them. Close up of young man's face as he thinks. Title: 'perform basic civic duties'. 1940s: Volleyball player touches net. Volleyball team practices and spikes the ball. United States, 1940s: Boy uses tools to repair broken pane of glass in window. Repaired window. 1940s: Man walks across factory floor, slips in puddle, falls. Workers rush to man, help him up. Oil can drips onto floor. Man wipes fingers into puddle. Man sprinkles sawdust on floor, sweeps it. United States, 1940s: Man smiles as he talks with boy. 1940s: Men sit in office, talk. Man sniffs sandwich, throws it away. UNITED STATES, 1940s: Man walks up to car on street and opens door. Three people share magazine in house. Minister addresses congregation. Newly wed couple leave church. 1940s: Men wash up at large sink in locker room. Man walks to locker, puts on coat, walks through factory. Factory buildings. UNITED STATES, 1940s: Religious Man Reads from Bible. Children gather around man. Man teaches young people how to fix things. Young people walking in a group along sidewalk. Church billboard 1940s: Boy talks with his hand on his throat and smiles. Experiment of a bell that vibrates inside a glass jar, bell vibrates, hand turns off the jar knob. UNITED STATES 1940s: Lady walks to kitchen window. Lady takes apron from kitchen drawer. Lady puts on apron 1940s: Man talks to boy, writes on piece of paper UNITED STATES 1940s:Meat sizzling in a pan. Clock on a wall. Potatoes boiling in a pan. 1940s: Oscilloscope graphic moves with the sound frequency. Man talks to boy, gives him an ocarina, boy blows into it, man holds microphone and captures the sound. Oscilloscope graphic moves. UNITED STATES 1940s: Lady looks up at camera in kitchen and smiles. Lady cuts and puts food into a bowl.  Wall clock.
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