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GERMANY: 1920s: women shape grape vines on hill slope vineyard. GERMANY: 1920s: women attach grape vines to wooden posts. GERMANY: 1920s: women walk through vineyard. Lady cuts grapes off vine with scissors. Bunch of grapes in basket. United States, 1930s: animation of heart shows flow of blood between chambers. Valves in closed position. United States, 1930s: animation shows exchange of nutrients across vessels. Animation shows flow around body including pelvic, viscera, arms, and lungs. Severed vessel leaks blood. United States, 1930s: pressure increases on scale. Hand dissects vessel. Scale drops. SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929: Young women run through a park and into the center frame of a camera, where they group together as if preparing to take a photograph. SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929: Two construction workers dump wheelbarrows of gravel cement into a work area. SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929: A man with a golf club stands in a yard, posing behind a table on which his golfing trophies sit.  He demonstrates putting.  The ball rolls into a hole. 1920s: animated man rides horse inside a zeotrope. men dance in tight formation as indians. man hand cranks projector in movie theater. exploisions appear over battlefield. 1920s: man wrings hands and smiles. men and woman on boat fight. man turns wheel in cornfield. water gushes out of pipe. police flop around rowboat and fire guns. 1920s: man twirls pencil at desk as people rush behind him. cyclorama twirls on outdoor shooting stage. girl steers a sail boat as chimp holds onto rope. man throws paper a giant fan. 1920s: shoe with gum on sole picks up brick from sidewalk. man talks into megaphone. woman talks to man and shakes her foot. 1920s: women run down hallway and exit through doors. lion jumps up on transom and roars at men and women in office. woman grabs lion tail and exits. woman slids across floor. lion leaps around room. 1920s: men emerge from wrecked panels and chase man with fur hat. man slams into painting of buildings. men run past movie sets. men move backdrops. 1920s: cowboy and woman stand on street. man cranks smoking camera with director in car wreckage. police race down street and jump on police car. 1910s: Man walks up to other men, talks while holding sheet. Words on screen describe a female telegraph operator. Woman on horse next to wall. 1910s: Men in fist fight. Other men and woman come up and break up fight. Man yells in other man 1910s: Top of moving train, bell tolls. Men in train compartment gesture and climb to top of train. Man runs across top of train, then bends down and uses bar on roof. 1910s: Man and woman run to front of train. Man enters front as another train passes. Woman watches train pass. 1920s: Soldiers sit in group waving at parade. Large crowd celebrates. Man holds up paper with headline: Germany Surrenders. Soldiers and marching band go by.
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