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GERMANY: 1920s: worker makes hole in ground for grape vine. GERMANY: 1920s: man carries hay load on back. Man loads carrier with straw. GERMANY: 1920s: lady inspects vine health with knife. Lady makes cuts in vine to encourage growth. United States, 1930s: forceps hold cardiac tissue in situ. Cardiac tissue cut out of chest. United States, 1930s: fingers hold stethoscope over skin. Man pulls weights from wall. United States, 1930s: Light shines through animal's ear. Blood vessels in animal ear. Microscopic view of blood in vessels. SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929: Dry cleaning workers load the back of a delivery car, labeled SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929: Long shot across a busy street of a government building's front steps.  Five well dressed men walk down the steps. SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929:  The front of a hardware store called 1920s: Airplane wobbles as it takes off over field, leaves ground. 1920s: large fat man squeezes into desk chair in classroom with boys and girls. woman waves ruler and hits man in hat. man talks on candlestick telephone and fires gun in bed. 1920s: men in police station tumble, receive orders and run away. man in tuxedo and woman in maid uniform hide on pier. old woman waves and fire gun at ocean. 1920s: woman punches through door and hits man in tuxedo. man straps large necklace on woman 1920s: woman holds a rope and walks a lion out of cage onto movie set. 1920s:  man enters movie set with women in swimsuits. man in fur coat hooks pickaxe around man 1920s: smoke pours out of buildings on street. horses pull fire engine as men in cars film chase. water sprays and rises on tied man in basement movie set as men crank camera. 1920s: men pick up log and get hit by car. smoke clears with small wood in men 1910s: Man struggles against two other men. Woman leans in and points at struggling man, man bows and walks off. One of the other men turns and talks to woman behind desk. 1910s: Train moves on track, smoke comes out of smokestack. Woman rides horse as dog follows. Woman dismounts and pulls reins over horse 1910s: Man on train looks back, then runs to front. Boy on push cart stops moving, heads into train station. He hands another boy piece of paper, then points at it. Woman reads paper. Boys talk. 1920s: Woman's legs as she dances. Two women dancing together. Group of women dancing in circle in public. Large crowd watches women dance.
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