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GERMANY: 1920s: view across vines in valley. GERMANY: 1920s: lady prunes grape vine branches. GERMANY: 1920s: women tidy up branches on grape vines. GERMANY: 1920s: men collect cut grapes in wooden barrels and carry them down hill. Band plays in vineyard. United States, 1930s: arrows point to valves of heart on animation. Position of valves as heart pumps blood. United States, 1930s: microscopic view of blood travelling along vessels. Animation of blood transport. United States, 1930s: hand holds stethoscope over chest. Doctor listens to patient's chest. Microscopic view of blood in vessels. Experiment with fluid loss in animal. Lady in hospital bed. SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929: a medium-close up shot pans across a group of women who pose together in a park. SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929: Extreme long shot of a school building with a large front stairset and pillars.  Students can be seen decending the steps.