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United States, 1910s: men push primitive plane out of garage. Plane in garage. UNITED STATES: 1910s: sailors laugh together on C Deck of military ship. Soldiers play games on deck of ship. Sailors have sack race on ship deck. Soldiers have pillow fight on pole. UNITED STATES: 1910s: man plays tin whistle in trench. Men walk through trenches. Men walk through flooded trench. Men sit in rain in trench UNITED STATES: 1910s: rain falls on puddle. Soldiers walk in rain. Close up of soldier's boots. UNITED STATES: 1910s: watch with crack. Soldiers climb out of trench. Men fire weapons. Soldiers run. UNITED STATES: 1910s: dead soldiers on edge of trench. Captured soldiers march. Ladies wave at soldiers. Men march in street. UNITED STATES: 1910s: blast hits trenches. Soldiers covered in dust from explosion. Men in trench. Soldiers on ground. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldiers run past tree. Soldiers hit and collapses. Soldier fires bullets. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldiers cheer and wave caps. American flag. Men crowd in street.