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UNITED STATES 1960s: Traffic in a city as blue collar workers start the day at their jobs. UNITED STATES 1960s: View of the different window structures of a building. UNITED STATES 1960s: Cars driving and eventually enter a lot. UNITED STATES 1960s: Lights shine on a product as a camera man films it. UNITED STATES 1950s: Two men row a boat at dawn. UNITED STATES 1950s: A man gives a speech to a group of people. UNITED STATES 1950s: Different health careers at work. 1940s: Family camps by wagon. Woman scoops food from pot onto plates. Man sits down on crate. Man stands next to cabin, talks, points. Woman emerges from cabin, talks. Man and woman walk away. 1940s: Man and boy lead bulls attached to covered wagon through field. Homestead marker on ground. Man helps woman down from covered wagon. 1940s: Children fill bucket with buffalo chips, carry bucket away. Men harvest corn stalks in field. 1900s: UNITED STATES: man loads up steam locomotive. Robbers climb aboard train. Man sorts bags on train 1900s: UNITED STATES: robbers steal from train passengers. Robbers fire guns. Passengers run to injured man 1950s: Russian soldiers on horseback. Soldiers ride from camera. Soldiers marching. Tzar Nicholas II walking past soldiers. UNITED STATES 1960s: A lady spends time in a park to enjoy flowers. UNITED STATES 1960s: People having fun at a carnival. UNITED STATES 1960s: A man gets out of a convertible in front of the WBAP building and enters it. UNITED STATES 1960s: A set is illuminated as a show's host enters the scene. UNITED STATES 1950s: One fisherman leaves another at a dock as the sun begins to rise. UNITED STATES 1950s: Throngs of people shake hands with a priest as they exit church. UNITED STATES 1950s: Research, surgery, and engineering feats from classroom lessons. 1940s: Man and woman walk through field. Girl cleans up plate, boy puts logs on fire. Family stands up, welcome man and woman into camp.
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