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1930s: Two men carry rifles and walk with dogs in the middle of a field with high grass, they look around the grass, trees in the background. 1940s: UNITED STATES: thermal overload switch thermostat. Metal strips heated by electrons. Screwdriver points at parts on thermostat. 1960s: UNITED STATES: building under clouds at sunset. Dome shaped building 1950s: Girl runs around house, people walk down sidewalk, woman follows girl. Old woman hugs little girl, kisses woman on cheek. Women walk away, talk. Girl paces in front of rug. 1950s: Milk jugs are unloaded automatically on to platform from milk car. Cows move on to model cattle car from a conveyor and exit again. Model baggage car loads at station. 1960s: Intertitle card. Man drives tractor across field, plows dirt. Man shovels dirt, digs ditch. Men work in field. 1910s: UNITED STATES: man comes into tent to get lady. Lady stands in shock ALASKA, UNITED STATES: 1980s: Snow on tree branches. Moose after end of rutting season 1940s: UNITED STATES: men stand outside post office. Hand opens mail box. Letter in mail box. Bad news received. Letter highlight. VIETNAM 1960s: In tunnel, woman approaches carrying basket, with flashlight. Men sit in tunnel, reading newspaper. Soldier shovels in tunnel. 1950s: man in suit rises from desk and walks to blackboard as man in necktie points out chalk equation about radiation and a gauge and shakes hands. 1930s: Students sit in a lecture hall. They listen and take notes. A man lectures at the front of the room. A microscope turns on its side. Microscope lens. 1950s: Man and doctor sit at desk in office and talk. 1960s: Officers pull man to safety and lay him on deck.  Man smiles.  Boat arrives.  Man in stretcher.  Men speak and shake hands. 1960s: UNITED STATES: oil and gas production platform offshore. Men walk along beach. Stork by shore Man fishing 1950s: EUROPE: NORWAY: Sign for Dalsnibba and Djupvasshytta. Bus on road. Tourists visit building in mountains. 1940s: Men stand and talk.  Men look at slingshots. 1940s: UNITED STATES: animation of electrons in circuit. Excess electrons flow through circuit. Contact opens and de-energises circuit. 1960s: UNITED STATES: hand pushes vacuum cleaner. Electric fan starts up. 1950s: Water and factory buildings. Woman holds boxes. Children run down stairs. Woman walks up stairs, looks back at children. 1930s: Hunting wasp crawls off rock and attacks cricket. Title card: The Wasp doesn't kill its victim. He paralyzes it with its special poison, creating live food for its young.
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