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UNITED STATES 1950s: Line of pints of blood / Fuel truck driving. VIETNAM 1960s: Line of soldiers receive items / Soldiers get guns, sign paper. UNITED STATES, 1940s: Man pushing wheelbarrow on church building site. People at a building materials yard. Men arriving at a building. UNITED STATES, 1950s: Tractor silhouetted against the sky. Tractor steering wheel. Tractor and setting sun. Man shields eyes from sun. Tree branches against sun and clouds in sky. 1980s: Fuel tanker truck parked at a refinery. Underground partial in situ shale oil production equipment and workers in the mine. 1960s: NASA astronaut Edward White floats away from open compartment door in Gemini 4 capsule to space walk during orbit of Earth as cords connect spacesuit to spaceship during mission. 1950s: Man milks cow by hand. Hands tug on teats of cow. Man milks cow. 1940s: Snowy road amidst trees. Small trees, rocks in snow. Frozen stream. Clouds in sky. 1930s: School.  Young men raise flag and play bugles. 1930s: UNITED STATES: finger plucks rubber band on board. Pitch experiment with rubber bands. 1950s: Factory and cargo train. Ukrainian choir is conducted from the stage. Priests at the St. Boniface cathedral in Manitoba. Onion dome of a Ukrainian church in a wheat field as a farmer plows it. 1930s: Man holds white flag.  Large crowd of surrendered soldiers walks down street.  Spectators. 1920s: UNITED STATES: view of road through windscreen of automobile. Cars on road. Bend in road 1930s: Sign for Route 7, Ohio next to river. Man bent over opened hood of a car. 1960s: people laying down underneath Piccadilly Circus sign, anti-air gun and spotlights shooting at sky 1960s: Flying over downtown city. 1960s: Rocket launches from platform into sky at night. 1960s: Vehicles drive down road in city. People walking in city in large group. 1940s: Family passes food and talks around dining table. 1960s: Illustration of tank interior with chemical labels.  Liquid bubbles.  Heat waves.  Tubes are labelled as "AIR" and "WATER."  Coils and arrow appear. 1960s:  Package of Di-Gel. Hands pull tablet into two parts and places them on surface. "Neutralizes excess acid" and "Simethicone: Breaks up bubbles of gas."
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