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UNITED STATES 1950s : Scientists sit at workspaces in laboratory, observing subjects in glass containers. Crossfade to cart in grocery store, moving past boxes of laundry detergent. UNITED STATES 1930s: Medium shop of cheese tester coring and evaluating cheese. Close up of cheese being priced by shopkeeper. UNITED STATES, 1950s: Man places ring on table next to a pencil. Man places piece of coal on table. Man in white coat picks up diamond ring and looks at the stone. UNITED STATES: 1940s: Lady arrives home. Lady plates up food as girl arrives home. Lady takes off hat. UNITED STATES: 1940s: Man in white coat turns handle on machine. UNITED STATES: 1960s: wheel tested on machine by engineer. Men talk by wheel 1950s: UNITED STATES: lady opens drawer. Lady leaves house with boy. Lady sits boy on bike 1950s: Man moves box. Lady walks into store and gestures to frying pan. 1970s: Monkey runs back and forth in cage.  Monkey does flips.  Men in lab coats look at papers.  Man stands.  Man sits. 1970s: Marker points at image.  Man speaks.  Men look at x-ray and image. 1950s: Midwife clutches coat. Woman stands by fence. Midwife approaches and speaks to woman. Women walk into house. Man and women sit in room near fireplace. 1950s: Children go down slide.  Students outside school.  Teacher speaks in front of class.  Students stand.  1940s: Scientist cracks open hardened mixture of Sulphur and iron from test tube on bench. Black particulate and matter shatter on to bench. 1950s: Doctors office door. Woman exits door, doctor follows behind, talks to woman, woman leaves. Man looks at watch, flips sign on door, sighs, looks at room. 1950s: Woman talks with doctor in doctor's office. 1940s: Close up, cat in carrier, hand scratches window. Woman helps girl put on coat. Girl walks out door. Kids look at bird in classroom.  1940s: Woman holds up book, shows smudges to boy. Boy shakes head, looks at hands. Woman nods. 1940s: Boys look down, smile. Woman stacks books, hands stack to boy. Boys walk away, woman writes on card on desk. 1940s: Girl looks up, boy reads aloud. Woman walks through garden with bouquet of flowers. Men duel under oak tree outside. 1930s: A woman waves to a child in the window of a hospital. The child opens the door with her nurse and embraces the woman. The girl leave with the woman. 1950s: Man with a blindfold on walks down the street with a cane for the blind. Man swings cane to identify obstacles. Man takes off blindfold.
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