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UNITED STATES: 1970s: air force men look over plane build plans. Man walks around plane in assembly plant. UNITED STATES: 1970s: Navy attorney talks to man at desk. UNITED STATES: 1970s: Navy men work on bridge of ship. Man looks through binoculars. Man looks closely at ship navigation. Side profile of face of man on ship. Europe 1940s: ladies play darts in pub. Man in factory. Soldiers walk across land. Men patrol moors. Men at road block. Soldiers practice on home ground. Man picks up bottle of milk from doorstep. United States: 1940s: SS Normandie on mooring in harbor. Sailor in uniform on deck of ship. INDIA: 1960s: man in uniform blows bugle. Soldiers march in town square. EUROPE: 1940s: soldiers shake hands. Sailors stand at attention on ship. Men salute UNITED STATES: 1950s: Man pulls souvenir from paper bag. Man in sailor's uniform. ITALY: 1940s: crowd in street wave flags at military vehicle. People cheer and celebrate in city. Lady kisses soldier United States: 1940s: Lady washes at kitchen sink. Kettle on stove. Stove catches fire. Lady pours chemicals in washing. United States: 1940s: ship in rough sea. Planes in sky. Close up of planes in sky. Tanks cross field. Soldiers marching. Police on motorbikes. Ships at war. Russia: 1950s: treads of tank seen from below. Tank drives across field. Blast next to tank. Soldier raises rifle in air. Soldiers on battlefield. Man carries flag in war. Birds fly over roof. UNITED STATES: 1940s: soldiers hold piece of paper. Soldiers sat on floor. Men rest. Men smile. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldiers depart on ship. Soldiers on deck. People wave to soldiers on ship. UNITED STATES: 1910s: rain falls on puddle. Soldiers walk in rain. Close up of soldier's boots. UNITED STATES: 1910s: soldiers walk in trench. Soldier listens to radio. Soldier writes notes. Soldiers load guns. UNITED STATES: 1970s: Police Officers graduate. Ceremony with friends and family. Man speaks to camera UNITED STATES 1970s: Pan across stacks of envelopes on a mailroom table.  A black, serif typeface superimposed over this reads UNITED STATES 1970s: Boy sits on swing, starts to spin, zoom in on boy / View of scenery spinning / Boy on swing / Scenery spinning. JAPAN: 1943: young girl cleans street. Children do exercises together. JAPAN: 1943: soldiers on horseback watch drill. Soldiers march.
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