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1970s: woman talks on microphone and types on computer keyboard on desk in air traffic control tower as airplanes taxi past window. color lights blink. 1950s: Dark smoke drifts out of chimney. Man in cap draws diagram for boy on side of car with plane in background. Sketch shows air movement from land upward. 1970s: UNITED STATES: plane flies in sky over fields. Girl has flying lesson in plane. 1970s: UNITED STATES: storm clouds form over ground. Footage of clouds over Earth from satellite in space. Kansas City on map. Tornadoes on map 1970s: UNITED STATES: view of ground from plane. Girl in plane cockpit. Plane lands 1960s: three propeller overhead wing airplane lifts off from runway into sky. men and women board two propeller biplane on tarmac. woman stewardess walks down aisle and talks to people in seats. 1960s: supersonic jet engine dangles in laboratory as parts shift. men inspect Boeing 733 model hangs on crane as men inspect wings. 1960s: men talk, touch and walk around lockhead supersonic jet airplane with double delta wings model  from nose to wing. 1960s: Boeing 727 jet airplane taxis, a man signals to stop and gas trucks arrive. 1960s: man in headset steers wheel in cockpit of jet airplane simulator as window view of airport runway shifts and steadies.  1960s: Crowd around plane. Zhao Enlai waving. Billboard. Photo of Zhao Enlai, pan to photo of Ayub Khan. Khan presenting gift to Zhao Enlai. 1950s: President Sukarno salutes. Indonesian flag waves. President Sukarno greets soldiers. 1960s: display of minerals with label of Rocks of North America. Drawing of Earth, Mars and Venus marked our planets. hands pull back cover of handwritten book report of Treasure Island on desk. 1960s: Rotating view of earth from space. 1940s: MEDITERRANEAN: cattle pull cart along track. Farmers ride in cart 1940s: MEDITERRANEAN: map of Spain and Portugal. Man tastes wine from glass. Galicia on map. Corn grows in fields. 1940s: MEDITERRANEAN: minerals loaded onto export ship in Bilbao port. Steel production industry in Iberia. 1940s: Bombers flying. Battleships floating in ocean. Manufacturing equipment on table. Fire. 1950s: UNITED STATES: lady hangs washing on line. Lady uses pulley on washing line. Hands pull on string. Painter raises scaffold on side of building 1970s: Lockheed F-104 Starfighter USAF supersonic jet airplane flies through and above thick clouds and rolls over. 1960s: UNITED STATES: galaxies in motion in sky. Stars in space. Close up of sun and solar flashes.
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