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1940s: Man stands before large group of people seated in classroom. Paper with federal law. Animated arrows moving from western world to map of United States. Illustrated brick walls appear on map. 1940s: A boy reads aloud from a sheet. He begins to point at the words on the page, but stops himself. A woman holds her finger to her lips and he bites his lips, then continues to read silently. 1950s: Man puts notes on finance terms on desk one at a time. Man sits at desk, thinks. 1950s: Paper drops behind clover leaves. Man pushes mower across lawn. Lawn mover cuts through grass. Grass blades grow. 1950s: Girl at classroom desk flips through book of painted illustrations. Painting of farmland on book page. Girl puts book in desk and gets ready to paint. 1950s: Hand mixes paints on palette. Brush paints leaves on paper. Boy paints at classroom desk. 1950s: UNITED STATES: lady hangs washing on line. Lady uses pulley on washing line. Hands pull on string. Painter raises scaffold on side of building 1960s:  vinyl album plays on record player turntable. women in dress sits on daybed, leans forward, stands up, talks, listens and gestures with arms in living room with grocery bag on end table. 1950s: Boy and girl sit at desk, look at paper, talk. 1950s: Boy and girl walk to teacher 1980s: UNITED STATES: wind spins turbines at rig. Man collects print out from machine 1960s: Officer examines driver's paperwork.  Man points rifle.  Policeman appears behind him and takes gun,  Men speak. 1950s: Newspaper sports section. Teen boy sits on couch, reads newspaper, looks up, walks to door, looks down at newspaper. 1960s: UNITED STATES: Close up of young man's face. Man opens filing cabinet. Man shows files to boy 1950s: Boy cuts a circle in the center of paper with scissors. 1950s: Frosted-glass door labeled 1950s: Two men in military uniforms sit at a desk and talk. Man behind desk opens a file folder. 1950s: Man in uniform sits in chair and talks. Man in uniform sits behind desk and talks. 1950s: Two men in military uniform sit in an office and talk. Man behind desk closes file folder, leans forward, talks, taps folder with finger. 1950s: Close-up of road and railway on paper map. Street view of same section of map. Aerial view of same section of map. 1950s: Father points to legend of map showing trade and sub-trade center symbols. Mother locates shopping malls on map.
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