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GERMANY: Men load mail into postal truck. GERMANY: Mailman delivers letter to a woman leaning out of a window. 1920s: Postal worker loads boxes onto mail truck. Model T trucks pull away from parking area. Cars drive along winding mountain road. 1950s: Mailman kneels near girl to pet lamb. Children and animals gather around girl and lamb. Children talk and look at lamb. 1950s: Close-up view of ledger with hand writing figures in column. Worker lifts mail sack and places it on top of pile. Train conductor waves, holding watch in right hand. Train moves down track. 1970s: A mother and son walk up the steps and enter a post office. While the mother speaks to the teller, the boy looks around at the other customers and employees. 1970s: A machine sorts the mail. Information flashes on a screen. Lights flash. Quarters and postage stamps. Customers at post office counter. Postal worker weighs envelope on postage scale. 1970s: A little black puppy plays. He chases a mailman down the sidewalk, barking. 1960s: Mailman walks down snowy street.  Boy lays in bed.  Man opens gate.  Man climbs steps and knocks on door. UNITED STATES 1970s: Pan across stacks of envelopes on a mailroom table.  A black, serif typeface superimposed over this reads GERMANY: Postal truck arrives at POST building. 1950s: Man hands bag to seated man. Man dumps contents onto ground. Man sorts through letters and mail. Letter to chief. 1940s: Mailman walks up to man, hands man mail. Man smiles, opens mail. Woman walks down sidewalk, stops and talks to other woman. Woman rolls out dough. 1950s: Flat packages are placed in U.S. Mail box. Mailman walks down sidewalk, opens front gate, and walks up to front door of house. 1950s: Worker loads mail into mail sack while other workers place letters in pigeonholes. Worker closes mail sack and carries it to end of train car. 1970s: A boy and his mother at the post office. He puts a letter through the slot labeled "out of town." Flashing lights. Patterns on a screen. A man watches an array of open reel tapes. 1970s: Twenty dollar bill. A postal worker flips through pages of stamps. A customer comes at the window. Worker hands over stamps and change. Men in an office look at envelopes. 1970s: Stylized animation of dog chasing a mailman. U.F.O. lowers a ladder and the mailman boards. It flashes different colors and flies away. 1960s: Mailman walks through yard.  Snow falls in forest.  Park. UNITED STATES 1970s: A mailroom worker moves large bags of mail.  He picks one up from a stack and pours its contents onto a table. GERMANY: Man carries bag of mail inside building.
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