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1950s: UNITED STATES: men work with elephants outside box car. Trainer brings pony from train carriage UNITED STATES 1950s: Boy at table with kids, kids raise hands, sit down / Boy hangs magnet on string / Close up, hands hold magnets together. 1950s: UNITED STATES: boy tries to open box with hands. Man shows tool to boy. Man smokes pipe. Man opens box. Machine and engine 1950s: UNITED STATES: men clean elephant. Man puts circus blanket on elephant. POLAND, 1950s: Bride enters church. People walk through field. Couples link arms and walk outdoors. 1960s: woman in dress with black hair sits on daybed, talks, listens, smiles and rubs hands on legs in living room with paper grocery bag on end table. 1950s: UNITED STATES: two men sit in helicopter. Men puts hands to ears. Man sings. Ice cream maker at work. UNITED STATES: 1940s: Desk fan on a desk. Man switches on desk fan. Man places tin in front of desk fan. Man puts tin in clear plastic bag. 1970s: UNITED STATES: close up of hands. Blurred vision of child.  Lady talks to child. Child frowns 1940s: Elephant holds phone handset with its trunk. Man sits in trapeze and lights a cigarette. Woman climbs up ladder and puts her feet through two slings at the top. Side View of Man Wearing Glasses. View of Petri Dish and Man Uses Tweezers to Pick up Tiny Fragments. Tiny Fragment Being Dropped into a Ceramic Bowl. 1950s: Girl holds paper, talks, puts paper on desk. Girl places hand on letter, then on blank sheet of paper. Boy stands and talks on telephone. 1950s: UNITED STATES: hand picks up piston. Finger points at tinder on piston. Tinder ignites. Fire piston UNITED STATES 1950s: Man sleeping in lab / Woman sits at control panel, presses button / Hand turns knob / View of paper readout / Close up of readout. 1960s: Construction worker takes a wooden stake from the ground and hammers it into the ground. A piece of wood is whittled with a knife. 1970s: Young woman holds older woman's hand, rescue team lays the older woman on medical stretcher and covers her with a blanket. Older woman and young woman hold hands. NORWAY 1950s: Man and boy in boat, man pulls up net / Boy hands basket of eggs to girl, boy and girl get into boat. 1930s: The silhouette of a skeletal hand reaches across a map of the world, coloring it black. Magnified view of microscopic germs. 1940s: Man does somersaults underwater. Two boys wash hands and faces in bathroom, dry hands and face on towel. Infected eyelid. UNITED STATES 1960s: Close up of girl at table / Close up of woman talking, tilt down, woman makes shapes with hands. 1950s: Boy talks to old doctor. Teacher advises teenage boy. Teenage boy develops photographs in darkroom. Old doctor shakes hands of teenagers as they pass by at graduation.
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