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 1940s: Man measures corn plants. Man inspects corn leaves on dry soil.  1950s: UNITED STATES: men talk in public house. Man sits with drink at table. Man speaks to mariners. Captain Newport in meeting. 1960s: Sign under building eaves: "Pro Shop, Indian Valley Golf Club, Jeff McAndrew - Pro. Winter Rules - 6 inches all over." Golf course, steep hills, lake, sparse trees. 1940s: UNITED STATES: lady and man sit and drink. Ladies sit on sofa. Lady smokes cigarette 1950s: UNITED STATES: dentist brushes model teeth with brush. 1950s: Panorama of garden. Statue in garden. 1930s: Grandmother rocks in chair, talks to boy. Boy walks to window, climbs on chair, looks out. Intertitle card. 1930s: Group of girls wear white dresses, halo hats, sing, stand with nun on roof of building, flags, pennants. Nun wears crown, holds baby, smiles. 1940s: Dinah Shore stands on stage behind microphone, singing, while band performs behind her. 1980s: The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights behind a pine tree on a hillside.  1930s: Car drives along narrow road with rock barrier and approaches tunnel through rock. Car drives on road alongside river. Car drives through rock tunnel and meets another car coming towards it. 1960s: Car pulls away from sidewalk, drives down street. People walk around city. 1950s: Boy looks at firearms safety rules booklet. Imaginary cartoon animal full of holes gets shot with arrows. Flames burst across field. 1960s: Crane dumps logs into water.  Man pushes logs onto conveyor belt. 1970s: Man and woman in living room. Police officer fires gun. Man falls, woman drops to knees. Close up of officer. 1960s: Man stands up, carries paper over to bulletin board. People gather to look. Man walks over to table of busy men and women to discuss papers. 1940s: Man and woman puppet argue. 1940s: Pharmacist in chemistry lab pours liquid into vial and shakes it. 1960s: UNITED STATES: side profile of meeting. Man leans on arm. Man asks questions. Lady answers questions 1960s: Skink holds grasshopper in its mouth, runs away. Wild cherry tree. Cottonwood trees. Pine seedlings. 1960s: Men sit and watch screen, man claps. News runs across electronic ticker on building. Men at mission command clap. People outside clap and cheer. Capsule floats in ocean.
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