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UNITED STATES: 1990s: geostationary satellite in space. Street in flood. UNITED STATES 1950s: Hand drops item into beaker of liquid, liquid explodes / Man in lab removes mask, talks into camera, picks up baking soda / Hands pour out baking soda. UNITED STATES, 1950s: Scientist takes out a box of replica atoms. Scientist holds black ball representing carbon in his hands. Scientist adds connectors to carbon model. UNITED STATES 1950s: View of field, tilt up tree / Cicadas fly around tree. 1950s: UNITED STATES: electrical socket overloaded on wall. Man looks at sockets. Men check basement electrics 1970s: Teenagers vandalize and destroy things in a room. Guy sets paper on fire and puts it in flaming garbage can. 1950s: UNITED STATES: man speaks with colleague in office. Lady speaks with boss. 1960s: UNITED STATES: man looks at planets through direct view telescope in California. Planets seen through telescope. New planet discovered beyond solar system. 1940s: Girl climbs on mountain of rubble. Men climb over rubble. Restaurant facade. Rubble. Poster for hospital. Rubble. UNITED STATES: 1990s: astronauts work out in space. Animation of a space shuttle orbiting earth. UNITED STATES 1950s: Close up of heart valve pumping / Valve pumping / Valve pumping. UNITED STATES, 1950s: Scientist builds molecular model from beads. UNITED STATES 1950s: Close up, cicada in hand, tool lifts ovipositor / Magnified view of ovipositor / Man in lab, points to parts on model. 1950s: UNITED STATES: hand pulls wires from under rugs. Man inspects telephone. Man ticks boxes on clipboard 1970s: Teenage boy sits in a busy classroom by himself. 1950s: Man walks around store, looks at furniture, salesman talks to man. Man points at installment plan sign. Salesman and man talk, salesman writes on notepad. 1960s: UNITED STATES: Martian canals on Mars. Images of surface of Mars 1940s: Explosion. Landscape. Soldier looks through binoculars. Bombs in the sky. UNITED STATES: 1990s: space shuttle on runway. Astronaut stands inside space shuttle. UNITED STATES 1950s: Plastic pieces on table, hand puts piece in dye / Dye soaks into plastic. UNITED STATES, 1965: Group of teenagers walk over to car. As woman plays french horn, car appears.
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